I never know how to start these- feel like I am introducing myself in an AA meeting.

My name is Abi, a South African transplant living in London with a passion for sharing my confusion of the world  and my journey through life with the masses. I am also a keen fitness fanatic, spin instructor, writer, travel addict, shopaholic, pun enthusiast and joker (mostly of said jokes gutter minded in nature)

If you are looking to be inspired and entertained then you have most probably come to the wrong place. But if you like to see my try, I write about everything from fitness, health, travel, love and my everyday honest experiences (generally swearing involved, maybe don’t read aloud if small children are in close range). A bit of a virtual diary if you like.

If the name is lost on you too, doesn’t take a genius to figure out that its one of its one of those puns I mentioned earlier. (Abbey Road where the Beatles took their most famous album cover/named their eleventh studio album after and my name). I guess there are a couple of ways you could look at it. Abi Road is a record of my own personal journey along the road I am taking (a lot of the time running down) but since the real Abbey Road is in the same country that I am currently living in it seemed like a natural fit. Like to think this marks my journey down the road to success and everything I find along the way. Or the roads I pound while running down them, however metaphorical or literal it’s all in there.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to do so, if I take a while to reply its me, not you. Unless you are emailing me to complain then its you. Definitely you. theabiroad@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy it,



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