‘Fringespiration’.What a Banging idea!


I have trust issues when it comes to people touching my hair, I wont deny it. I have long hair which has taken me five years to grow out. You get attached, (okay it is literally attached but I mean emotionally in this case) Its like a child you’ve been raising for a long time. You’ve watched it grow, nurtured it, featured in a lot of pictures together, tried new things, made some mistakes (peroxide, bleach, dark brown hair dye for which you apologized and vowed never to do again). Point is, it’s your baby.

Now introduce a pair of scissors to this mix and you start to get a little concerned. Lets face it, sitting in a salon with horrendous lighting (no one ever looks good in those swivel chairs) with a stranger that at any moment is about to start hacking away at your hair while you hope they’ve understood your request is stressful. Worst part if they get it wrong we still have to pay an obscene amount of money for it most of the time. 

Having said all this however, it was time for a new look and I knew I had to bite the bullet. Considering I have a knack for embarrassing myself, drastic changes that leave me unrecognizable aren’t always a bad idea. One of winter’s biggest trends at the moment is a fringe (or bangs if you speak American). Having vowed I would never have one again due to my appearance as a 12 year old I was nervous. I even made a pro’s and cons list to make sure I was doing the right thing.


  • Hides half my face, bound to make me look more attractive
  • Draws attention to eyes and cheekbones and off my chest
  • Trendy and chic, something I can pretend to be.
  • A fringe would go with the 3 jumpsuits I had recently just bought.
  • I could pretend to have an edge. A fringe OBVIOUSLY equals edge. Like a super power. Look at Katie Holmes. Dawson’s Creek then BAM fringe marries Tom Cruise. Taylor Swift, country singer/girl next door BAM fringe and she’s shaking it off her fringe all over the charts, dating Calvin Harris. All because of a few snips.(I may have slightly overthought this last point I will admit.)


  • Fringe’s are needier than high maintenance boyfriends. They need restyling ALL the time.
  • Working out with fringe=Cameron Diaz from “There’s Something About Mary” when swiping sweaty hair off face. Not attractive and extremely annoying. Alternatively hair too short to scrape back off face. Then risk showing 40% more face and then risk scaring people off.
  • Wind and rain in London and fringe (see first point)
  • If I get over it I have to wait got it to grow out. Risk looking like cousin It from Addams Family.
  • Having to get it trimmed every 4 weeks- back to the high maintenance point. I go longer without replying to texts and now I have to keep making trips to the hairdressers.

After looking at this list and deciding the con’s seemed like an excellent reason for me not to get my hair cut… I did what I always do. Said “Screw it” and went to the only place I trust-Ego hair.

Located in the heart of Queen’s Park just opposite the station, they are honestly what I call “my hair angels.” Any place that offers me a glass of wine when I walk in the door, hair massages and star treatment is my kind of place. Having gone to Ego for just over a year I have never had a bad experience and so if your concerns are the same as mine I highly recommend sitting in a chair with Andy or Amy and letting them do their magic. On top of that the prices are more than reasonable and the conversation always delightful. http://www.egohair.co.uk


The results? Nothing but compliments and although Tom Cruise hasn’t walked into my life just yet (not that I really want him to… ew scientology no thanks) a new sense of confidence has. I found my edge, received a significant amount of numbers and now have a mother who doesn’t recognize any of my photos,( hopefully she picks the right person up at the airport when I go visit her.)

So take the Abi Road on this one for anyone wanting to take a leap. Make a level headed decision, completely ignore it and go and do it anyway.



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